Post from Davao

Perhaps this is my only chance to post while i am here.. So what do i have to say? hmmm…

This trip has gained me two records under my belt. One, this is the first time i traveled this far. My first time in Mindanao actually. Been to Visayas years ago (in Tacloban), but Mindanao, nah. The thought of going to this place gives me creeps (before). Secondly, this is the first time i traveled this far ALONE. Imagine that! The only place i can travel back and forth at ease is from home to school (P’que to QC).

So far, the people have been very nice and friendly to me.. from the taxi driver, to the saleslady back at the drugstore (where i asked for change for a 500 bill), to the staff here at DSWD (Sir Danny, Ma’am Carol, and Raffy from CO).
Now if you ask me if i’m still afraid. In this trip, not anymore. But in future trips where i will face the same situation… i think i still would. Haha!

See ya when i get back. Wonder when? I tell you that’s tonight. I have a round trip to-from Davao in a day. 🙂

Link: LAMP Tutorial

Here’s a simple LAMP tutorial from phpfreaks. Happy reading. Unfortunately, it can’t be learned in 3 days , however good (**grin**) the lecturers maybe. Read and practice.. that’s the way to become the master.

Update: It seems that the link to the original tutorial is already gone. You may download the tutorial in PDF format from HERE.

less wires, but more headache

I looked at the specs of two network devices after a bad experience with it this morning while deploying an AP at Music. It says 91 m to 457 m operating range (depending on the interference of course) for both. But weird things happened. Now i’m confused wether these two really are similar, performance wise.

The story goes like this. The notebook i brought does not have a built-in wireless card. I was then required to bring a WPC**** Wireless Network PC card for testing. I also brought a WUSB** Network Adapter to be lent to them for today’s event. So there, after finding a free LAN port (i.e, freeing up a port at the hub :D. Whoever owns it must’ve immediately called 2050.), i used the pc card to connect to the AP. I was connected easily @ 11Mbps and 3 bars of signal strength. Using another nb, i used the usb adapter and tried the same thing. I can’t see the wireless network, much more connect to one. I changed spot, went very near, and i was connected 11Mbps, but unable to browse a site. Connection times out due to very low signal strength of 1 to 2 bars. With the thought that (just) maybe, the computer has a role on this discrepancy (i tell you, it’s a headache.. with spyware and all…), i switched to my nb. No improvements were observed though. Connected but unable to browse. Aarrgh!

I don’t trust the usb adapter. This is the 2nd time it had happened. During the first, i had no point of comparison. This time i do. Hmm, i’m not sure. I might not recommend this device. We’ll see. I might be wrong, i need more investigation. Time to play with the gadgets, and get geeky.

P.S. I had the network admin’s approval before pulling up the cable. At one instance, it was even the connection of someone in the same room. But we got through it. (Lusot!) 😀

P.P.S In the title, i’m referring to this case alone. Otherwise, wireless technology is a gift to human race (exagg!).

Mail FAQs for Dummies

Q: I haven’t been receiving any email. What could be wrong?
A: Well, there’s nothing wrong with us, maybe with you.
A: Actually, the thing that could be wrong couldn’t be right, right?

Q: I already deleted messages in my INBOX. I still could not receive email. What should I do?
A: You will never be able to receive emails unless you’re an email server? Install an email server to your a** and try again.

Q: I have deleted all my messages and there is no other message in my INBOX/folders, but my “Disk Usage” indicator is still at 100% and I cannot receive incoming mails. Am I missing something?
A: You’re not missing anything, it’s just that our server is so happy being freed up from useless junks that it forgot to reflect the changes.

Q: My email address is too long. I want a shorter email address.
A: You can cut it into pieces then give the parts (in installment) to your friends. Seriously though, if you want a shorter address, ask your parents to give you a shorter name.

Q: I forgot (don’t know) my Webmail password
A: Clue: It starts with a letter and ends with and h.

Q: I forgot (don’t know) my Online Registration password/pincode
A: Me too! Actually I’ve never received one.

Q: I have just activated my account and it says that I am using N% of my space (or a different value every time I refresh the display).
A: Whoa! You must be famous! You already received an email just by activating your account!

Q: I composed a long message (which took me hours to write). But when I clicked “Send Message”, I was logged out and my message was not sent.
A: That’s what you call, session timed out! Seriously, that’s what you call negligence or stupidity on user’s part.

Q: I’ve been having some problem setting up Outlook / Eudora / Pegasus / Messenger. I’ve been having some problem setting up the SMTP server connection.
A: Then I would suggest you’d be better off with snail mail.
But if you’re having problems with stamps too, maybe you need a caretaker.

Q: I haven’t reached my quota yet but still i can’t receive emails.
A: Whoa! Our forwarding feature is working. Glad you’re enjoying it.

Q: My emails are delayed, wtf is wrong with our servers?
A: It’s called austerity measures.
A: And misallotment of priorities.

Q: I’m using public computers to access Webmail, how can I make sure that my password cannot be stolen?
A: Do not use public computers.

Q: Help! My mailbox is in chaos, what happened to the ordering of my messages?
A: They are arranged in a disorderly manner.


I’ve installed OpenSuse 10.0 weeks ago. The interface is just so awesome. The icons are adoring. However, i got this little prob with my player. Kaffeine (the default video player) doesn’t play avi files (or i just can’t figure out how). I’ve looked into the site, and it says i had to download the latest xine-lib and win32 codecs from Mplayer. I did – even DLd all there is – but still ain’t working.

Next option was VideoLAN client. Been so used to it whether i’m in Windoze or Linux, making it the best alternative. Lucky for me, there’s none (official i mean) for my distro. Downloaded an unofficial rpm file and it was to no success that a ton of dependencies have to be installed first. That would have been easy i thought, if i had the DVD installer with me now, which i don’t. Very lucky gal, ain’t i?

An idea came to me to install yum, again out of convenience working with it :), instead of using yast2. Uhm, i don’t know how to do it, even with help from Mr. Google. That’s when i said that’s enough for a day. I had to stop figuring this out or i’ll wear myself out. Ahaha! Too much thinking ain’t that good after all. To think i had a lot more to worry of, our combinational logic due for fabrication in a month being on top of the list.

I guess I just don’t have no grip on the workaround with Suse just yet. Been in FC4 all this time when i switched to it for a change.