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World IPv6 Day

World IPv6 Day

I am joining World IPv6 Day !!!

Although my content is hardly updated these days, I wanted it to be part of this test flight, a great milestone I believe for the eventual transition to IPv6. This site is IPv6-enabled, thanks to my webhost.

I added a widget on the sidebar to see if you are viewing this blog using IPv4 or IPv6. (The widget was created by this guy from here)

IPv6 Monitor

IPv6 Monitor

I love graphs. I also love learning about IPv6. So when I saw this research on IPv6 monitoring by Comcast and University of Pennsylvania, i just had to repost.

Notice in the above graph how IPv6 reachability has increased significantly during October 2009. Although 0.159% is very low, you have to give credit to it at least. The Internet’s millions of ipv4 nodes took more than a decade to be built.

And here’s a comparison of IPv4 vs. IPv6 reachable websites.

Here’s the link to Ripe Labs’ interview with Alain Durand of Comcast last December. This week, Comcast started its IPv6 trial plans. Visit them at comcast6.net.

More Resources:
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UPDATE: An interesting take on /64s and M&Ms HERE.

Internationalized Domain Names

Internationalized Domain Names

How would you like a domain name in your own native language or writing? Pretty fun right? But this can also be chaotic. Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) have been a source of heated discussions among Internet evangelists at ICANN for a while. [Try out the IDNs at idn.icann.org]


This week from 25-30 October 2009 happens to be the ICANN 36 meeting in Seoul, South Korea. It’s a specially relevant meeting for us “outsiders” because several hot topics, mainly the IDNs and gTLDs, are to be discussed and decided. This in a matter of time will change or affect the course of the Internet as we know it. I am therefore all ears to the meeting sessions through their website at sel.icann.org and the webcasts (Main Ballroom and ccNSO room)



UPDATE [Oct. 30, 2009 11:00AM] I was watching the webcast and the ICANN Board has approved the resolution on IDN ccTLDs.

From @icann: Process for new Internet extensions in the world’s languages approved by the #ICANN Board. Domain name system now fully global.

Before that, do you know how many top-level domains are there? [Source: blog.icann.org]


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I am Waving

I am Waving

Google Wave, the search engine giant’s new venture, rolled out last September 30 [read here]. It’s now October 28th. My invite came a month later, but who cares. It is never too late to WAVE! Finally, thanks to a bunch of folks (or a friend’s friends).


Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.


Evolution and Technology

Evolution and Technology


‘Nuff said. Is this what’s happening to us? Not exactly, but it points a great deal to how we work and do things these days.

PS. This image isn’t mine. I’ll give proper credit when I find the artist who did this. Show yourself. Lol.