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Geeky Social Month

Geeky Social Month

The past month has been totally event-filled. After Asia Source 3 Camp, I found myself “fully-booked” and out a few times every week – either attending geek events or working on personal matters. That atop a pile of work made the last month of the year a very hectic one. Good heavens the streak finally ended Friday night, after the stressful coverage of the Lantern Parade. Anyway, just to recap, here are some of the geek events me and my active Dilnet kids have attended. (Each is deserving of a separate post, but it’s too late for that now.)

Five Years of Firefox in Manila! (Nov. 21)

High five! It is the fifth anniversary of Firefox. The event was held at the Fuller Hall, Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati from 3-5pm. It was organized by Mozilla Philippines Community in cooperation with Globe Telecom and AIM. Some 70 open source and firefox fans are in attendance.

Speakers include Allan Caeg (Mozilla Philippines Community Coordinator), Regnard Raquedan (Mozilla Philippines Community Leader), RenRen Gabas (Mozilla Campus Reps) and Sherwin Sowy (Globe Labs Head of Future Applications). Some interesting facts i gathered from the talks:

50% Mozilla Firefox shares in the Philippines
75 number of languages Mozilla Firefox is available
100% believes that it’s the best time to switch to Firefox!

Yeba! The Philippines is such a huge force. Altogether, let’s take back the web. Celebrate with Firefox.

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