[UPDATED] UP Lantern Parade 2009

[UPDATED] UP Lantern Parade 2009

(a short quick announcement)

Like last year, UP Diliman’s Lantern Parade (or Parada ng mga Parol) will be broadcasted live on the Internet. The event will be held on Dec. 18, 2009 (Friday).

Links to the broadcast:
– rtsp://streaming.up.edu.ph/lantern.sdp (use Quicktime)
– http://eradioportal.net/up.asx (browser or Windows Media Player)

If you are using twitter, please use the hashtag #uplanternparade.


The Lantern Parade in ’08 was by far better than this year’s. Well that was expected since it was the Centennial and the festivity is system-wide. But this year didn’t disappoint either. The theme is “Kapaskuhan Kalikasan Kinabukasan,” an appropriate one for a year that stood witness to a tragedy-stricken Philippines. For what it’s worth, I am glad to be part of this event for the last time. I used to skip this when I was an undergrad. The webcast team had a nice spot at the upper left corner of the stage. Unfortunately, I was too busy/stressed/occupied (insert *adjective* here) and hitting my head on the keyboard (ok, that last part isn’t exactly true) for most parts of the program so I didn’t enjoy some of the floats and presentations. I can *stare* at them, they were right in front of me, but I was focused on the monitor (pfff!)

What I like about UP Lantern Parade 2009 Webcast:

  1. Website looks awesome. Well, at least compared to… you know!
  2. More interactive. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter APIs. Thank you also to everyone for the feedback.
  3. Redundant webstreams. A third-party provider (Bitstop) gave HD-quality webcast. Better quality and more options mean less pressure for us. 🙂
  4. More audience. The marketing was very good i guess. The number of viewers tuned in throughout were more than double.

Hopefully, some audience liked it even a little. 🙂 Finally, here are some photos.

Before and After!

Lanterns from Eng’g and Fine Arts.

  • Awesome! Which one should I use for VLC?

    • The second link, which uses the RTSP protocol, should work fine with VLC. 🙂

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