Month: November 2009

A Look at Asia Source 3

A Look at Asia Source 3

It was only 7 days of AsiaSource3, but a month of my life was consumed in it, what with all the little preparations and mostly post-camp events accounted for. Not that I’m complaining. After a weeklong stay at IIRR, the small camp site in Silang was deserted. But it doesn’t end there. Blog entries and pictures were posted, facebook friends were added, and a community was formed.

While everyone has gone back to their own jobs and lives (and geekery), I am here – stuck in the moment – and just about to write my own entry. (I may just be a big procrastinator, but I’m justifying it as a perfect timing while the hype is starting to subside.) AS3 is perhaps one of the most remarkable events I had as a FOSS advocate and a systems engineer. It was – in all its glory – the opposite of what you call a Conference. It was an unconventionally set-up camp. What makes it more unique is that everything is spontaneous, free, and open!

What is Asia Source 3?

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