Windows 7 is finally out

Windows 7 is finally out

October 22, 2009 marks the final release of Windows 7.


Although I am a Mac/Linux enthusiast, I openly admit that I am excited over Windows7. It’s the aesthetics, the feel – a new eye candy, and it looks perfect for my PC. Btw, personally I’m different flavors in one – a Mac, a Linux, and a PC (in that order).

I’ve been using Windows 7 since early September (or late August?) thanks to MSDN and I am quite impressed – with the looks at least if not for anything geeky. More on that later when I get the time.  Meantime, here are a few links that you can check out.

Microsoft Windows 7
77 Windows 7 Tips
Groovy Security in Windows 7

  • Well I just hope one of my classmates get Windows 7’s installer right away. I have an MSDN account too but I rather have my classmates download an installer for me though. Hehe.

    Hope to test Win 7 soon. 🙂

  • Its nice to see windows 7 finally out. Windows 7 is quite a hit which is also quite nice.

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