Month: September 2009

Wireless 802.11n Ratified

Wireless 802.11n Ratified


I waited years and years… then it all happened while I wasn’t paying attention. After 7 years of waiting, IEEE 802.11n Wireless LAN Specification was ratified on September 11, 2009 to provide significantly improved data throughput and range. Technically, the standard is called 802.11n-2009, an amendment to the 802.11-2007.

802.11n – even in its draft stage – boasts of improved speed and range. Compared with its predecessor, the 802.11g, wireless-N raises the bar from a bandwidth of 54 Mbps to a ~600 Mbps using 4 spatial streams at a channel width of 40 MHz. wireless-G and all previous versions are using 20MHz frequency only. It is such a relief to finally remove that annoying “draft” thingy in the wifi logo, isn’t it?

Owners of pre-draft wireless-N devices should not fret, according to Wi-fi Alliance. As vendors have promised, firmware upgrade should do the magic. In fact, Wi-fi Alliance has launched an updated Wi-Fi CERTIFIED N program (see here).

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PS. Sorry for the very delayed post. I wanted to detail the differences, improvements, or other whatnots but it seems it may take longer than expected. I admit that while I am truly exhilarated by the news, I have yet to fully understand the extent of changes from the Draft-2.0 to this final standard. I better start reading the 560-page doc, which can be downloaded from here (for IEEE members).