Typhoon Ondoy in Manila


In lieu of the Typhoon Ondoy that battered Metro Manila, I am re-posting some information from blogs with posts about and concerning rescue operations, important numbers to call, current situation, and relief operation, donation and volunteering options. Throughout this whole endeavor, I’ve been a helpless blogger – except for a few tweets (@irrashai) and social media posts, I was consumed more about worrying about my own and my family’s safety. And my internet wasn’t as nice either. So to help out though quite a bit late, please see the INFORMATION below on how you can help. This is also an appeal to the international community and Filipinos abroad who can read this, kindly help out. This is Pinoy Bayanihan at its best, let’s all be part of it.

Central Infohub of Typhoon Ondoy-related efforts…

Visit the ff. websites for up-to-date information:
Typhoon Ondoy Website
The Daily Dose (Manuel L. Quezon III)
The Diary of a Super Girl Wannabe
Sour Politics

Ondoy Situation Map Response – http://bit.ly/swvEC

Rescue Operations/Numbers (from @mlq3):

National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) (+632-9125668, +632-9111406, +632-9115061, +632-9122665) Help hotlines: (+65 734-2118, 734-2120) [email protected]
Philippine Coast Guard (+632-5276136)
Air Force (+63908-1126976, +632-8535023)
Metro Manila Development Authority (136)
Marikina City Rescue (+632-6462436, +632-6462423, +632920-9072902). To check for missing relatives call Marikina City Hall 646-1634 or 646-2360.
Pasig Rescue Emergency Number (+632-6310099); Pasig Mayor Eusebio gave his cel number for urgent messages of help and rescue : 09189275074
Quezon City Rescue (161)
San Juan City Hall Command Post (+632-4681697)
Bureau of Fire Protection Region III (Central Luzon) Hotline: (+63245-9634376)
Senator Dick Gordon (+639178997898, +63938-444BOYS, +632-9342118, +632-4338528)
Senator Manny Villar (+639174226800. +639172414864, +639276751981)


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Firefox Freebies

Irrashai supports the Open Web.


Some freebies I got from our Firefox Campus Rep – a Firefox lanyard and an “I Support Open Web” baller ID. Thank you.

To learn more about this activity, proceed [HERE].

MBP Battery Issues

Since I got the MBP back roughly 3 weeks ago, I noticed that the battery life has diminished. And significantly that is. I can use the machine for a maximum of two hours now, whereas it can stay almost 3.5 to 4 hours before. I wonder if the logic board replacement has got anything to do with it (although I highly doubt). For all I know, this could have been going on for a while but I was just unaware of. It’s been more than a year anyway.

Anyhow, before I check with Apple Care, I decided to diagnose it myself first (not an expert, so let’s just check the stats). This way, I can avoid excuses technicians always make when dealing with customers (i.e. like try to reset PRAM first, etc).

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How-To: Install (Snow) Leopard from Firewire or USB Drive

I learned this trick when I misplaced the Leopard DVD that comes with the Macbook Pro. This time, I tried (with assurance from other blog/forum posts that it actually works – there are probably tons of more detailed tutorials than this.) doing the same for Snow Leopard.

What you need:
– External Hard Drive (USB or Firewire) —
WARNING: should not contain important files, since we will format this.
– Snow Leopard installer DVD or DMG file

Application to Use:
Disk Utility

0. Create DMG file
Select the DVD drive from the Left Pane of Disk Utility. Then click “New Image” icon from the Top Menu. Type the filename of your choice (or retain as Mac OS X Server Install Disc) and the select destination folder and SAVE.

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[Gadget] ACER Timeline 3810T

For a few weeks now, I’ve kept on thinking and rethinking whether to post a review of my (then new) now 1.75 month-old netbook – the ACER Timeline 3810T. But then I stalled not knowing what to write about. I eventually lost interest after getting back the Macbook Pro from repair and decided not to bother. Let me begin with how I acquired this little devil. (Let’s make it dreamy, shall we? *sarcasm*)

One fine Saturday morningĀ  on June 18th, little Ms. Geekette woke with not even a hint of wanting/craving/needing to get herself a notebook. She happily went about her daily morning routine, among the firsts would be opening up her notebook to browse. But she woke up in the wrong side of the bed. The weather is gloomy and a storm is approaching. She lazily opened the MBP, the video was distorted (see this blog post). Oh no, it broke a day before the KL trip. Just the perfect timing. Oft she went to work on the issue, spent the day fixing and backing up files (firewire method), then eventually braved the storm to take the precious little lappy for repair. As expected, it will take 2 weeks to repair. The next day was a perfectly sunny Sunday morning. She finally decided to purchase a new ACER Timeline to take with her 5 hours later.

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