Month: August 2009

A Fellow's View of the APAN Meeting

A Fellow's View of the APAN Meeting

It’s already been two weeks. Sorry for the late post, but I think I owe it to this blog to post something about my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There I attended the 28th Asia-Pacific Area Network (APAN) Meeting on July 19-24 as a Conference Fellow (i.e. free).


APAN is a conference on Networking particularly centered on Asia-Pacific communities. It’s unique because it showcases the advances in network research with great emphasis in the academic setting. Most presenters are from universities in Asia, with a reasonable number from the government sector, and a select few from experts in the non-profit organizations and the commercial sector.

I applied for the fellowship grant with no expectation at all. I didn’t even knew about the results until a friend (a more senior colleague) told me I was able to secure a spot. I was lucky to be one of the people in the picture below. I was so happy and thankful! ^^

apan-kl 046

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