IPv6 in 30 Minutes

IPv6 in 30 Minutes

If you were inspired to implement DNSSEC through the presentation “DNSSEC in 6 Minutes” by Alan Kegg (ISC), today I found the IPv6 version!

As I was running through the archives of the latest NANOG meeting, I chanced upon this catchy topic.  The title of the presentation Deploy a Production IPv6 Network in 30 Minutes or less (or it’s free) by Richard A Steenbergen looks very promising…

Forgive the premature post. I have to go watch the talk first (then maybe implement on a test environment) before I can really say anything. I’m hoping it can convince more people to migrate to IPv6 soon. 🙂

NANOG 46 was held June 14-17 at Philadelphia.v6widget


On another news, here are new toys for the IPv6 geeks. Some new IPv6 widgets were released today by Hurricane Electric. An iPhone widget, website widget, and gadgets for Google Desktop and Windows Vista/7 are available from Hurricane Electric.

To the right is a screenshot of the widget. Some nice stats there:

707 days to IPv4 exhaustion

11% IPv4 /8s left

1,515,409 v6 domains (now this is a surprise)

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