Space Elevator in 20 Years

Space Elevator in 20 Years

I can be a space & astronomy geek sometimes. Just reading about the space elevator that was on the news recently brought out that little fangirl who once dreamed of becoming an astronomer herself.. (heck, don’t blame me, i was still a kid then. if i hadn’t disposed of the idea, i might even be dreaming to be an astronaut. haha!)

Space elevator, the term itself is an overwhelming load of science fiction. I’m sure we’ve all heard about this before, perhaps more as a concept. But with support from top engineers worldwide – Japan and European countries in the forefront – this whole idea is more concrete than ever. There are even conferences and competitions coming up by 4th quarter of this year. How cool is that?

I’ll make this sound easy. With all the bright minds at work, now they only need to extend a 100,000 km. cable to the space. How do they think it can be accomplished? Carbon Nanotubes.

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are allotropes of carbon with a nanostructure that can have a length-to-diameter ratio greater than 1,000,000. (source: wikipedia)

While i don’t really foresee this in the very near future (20 years of waiting time is well worth the wait though), I would extremely LOVE IT if i can witness the space elevator in full reality during my lifetime. But then of course, perhaps i won’t be able to afford it. Pity.

Anyway, fangirls and boys, geeks and geekettes, you can all check out their blog at the website, friend them in facebook, and follow them on twitter.

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