Google's Wikimapia

Google's Wikimapia

Finally, the feature that’s been missing from Google Maps. I knew it, someday Google will realize it and work on it.

They used to have something like you can add a marker/point to a place but i found it lacking. Rather, I used to check out Wikimapia for finding directions around Metro Manila. Although i find it cluttered with unnecessary comments (sometimes funny, at times quite offensive), at least it did its part for me.. specifically, when i had to go to Cubao, Makati, and The Fort.

Google Map Maker was actually launched in (or rather extended to) 17 countries including the Philippines on Sept. 25 (see announcement). I didn’t know that until just now.. But anyway, i find it

  • very detailed — complete with information, street, building type
  • more reliable — changes/updates are being moderated
  • more organized — at least for now, and they are planning to keep it that way

Cheers to this one!

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