How-To: Power-over-Ethernet WRT54G

How-To: Power-over-Ethernet WRT54G

This is my PoE router – harshly done on a Monday afternoon. Like most people who have done this hack, the original tutorial was taken from this guy here.


  1. Begin with your cracked open access point. If you still don’t know how, see my previous post. Also prepare some wires and a soldering iron.
  2. Place your access point board with the bottom on top. There are 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port. Decide which one to use for PoE. (I used the WAN port.)
  3. Look at the pins corresponding to the port you’ve chosen. There should be 8 pins (like there are 8 wires in a UTP cable). Notice that pins 4,5, 7 and 8 are not used. See this for the pin numbering.
  4. Look at the pins corresonding to the power (at the right part of the board). There should be 3 (top, bottom and right).
  5. Solder one end of a wire to both pins 4 & 5. Then solder this wire to the bottom pin of the power connector.
  6. Solder another set of wire to port 7 & 8. Then solder this wire to the right pin of the power connector.
  7. The result is as follows:


  1. Cut the utp cable to expose the 8 wires. Cut and strip the wires corresponding to your 4&5 and 7&8. In my case, my crimping pattern is —w/o, o, w/g, b, w/b, g, w/br, br — so ports 4&5 = blue and w/b. Ports 7&8 = w/br and brown.
  2. Insert the blue set of wires into the power adapter. Wrap the brown set around it (see below).
  3. Note: to make the actual PoE cable, connect the blue wires to the striped part of the power adapter (POSITIVE). Connect the brown pair to the all-black part of the power cable.

This is my end result. Now i only need a PoE injector, and something to house it… 🙂

  • zcat

    Thanks for this post… This is a nice mod but I really do NOT understand why you need to solder onto the board?! Rather carry out the steps as you described but connect the end of the cat5 cable power lines to th eoriginal pin adaptor and plug it straight into the router. This avoids messing with the board and achieves the same effect

  • It’s been a while since I did this, and I literally followed the steps on the above link. I think I have an extra bricked router somewhere, I might give your suggestion a try if I get the time. Thanks. 🙂

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