Alternative Operating Systems

So much with mainstream operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix) powering our desktop computers. Other operating systems do exist. Ten of them are outlined here. Check the platform supported if you wanna try. Among those mentioned are Haiku, ReactOS, and SkyOS which are slowly getting recognition. 🙂

Wifi Robot

This looks interesting.

Wifi Robot – A remote control car that can be driven over the internet or with a laptop wirelessly from up to 500m away. It has a live-feed network camera so that it can be driven without line of sight and a horn so that you can honk at people.

How-To: Power-over-Ethernet WRT54G

This is my PoE router – harshly done on a Monday afternoon. Like most people who have done this hack, the original tutorial was taken from this guy here.


  1. Begin with your cracked open access point. If you still don’t know how, see my previous post. Also prepare some wires and a soldering iron.
  2. Place your access point board with the bottom on top. There are 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port. Decide which one to use for PoE. (I used the WAN port.)
  3. Look at the pins corresponding to the port you’ve chosen. There should be 8 pins (like there are 8 wires in a UTP cable). Notice that pins 4,5, 7 and 8 are not used. See this for the pin numbering.
  4. Look at the pins corresonding to the power (at the right part of the board). There should be 3 (top, bottom and right). Continue reading “How-To: Power-over-Ethernet WRT54G”

SoC Encounter on an iPhone

Now this one is for hardware design engineers (also students!) who are also Apple/iPhone fans.

At last week’s CDNLive Conference 2008, some guys over at Cadence showed a demo on how you can run SoC Encounter on an iPhone, using Cisco VPN Client and Mocha VNC. Now you can bring your digital design with you on the go! Watch it here.

How-To: Debrick a WRT54G Router

This is a personal account of my de-bricking experience. Thanks to this forum post by Toxic.

I have this wireless router lying lazily in my work area for some 3 months now. I hate to admit it was all MY fault that it broke. It happened as I was about to configure it for deployment. I can’t remember the previous config, so i opted for reset. That’s when i can no longer access nor ping the device no matter how many resets i do. Well to be fair to me, this device has undergone two flashings (if such a word exists) though – an OpenWrt which almost bricked it and a DD-WRT which was stable – so that probably counts as probable cause for the bricking, right? *winks*

Continue reading “How-To: Debrick a WRT54G Router”