Month: July 2008

How-To: Write to NTFS Partition in Mac

How-To: Write to NTFS Partition in Mac

(I have quite a few how-tos i wanted to write about, usually to document something i did with the servers. Most of it gets lost in my mind afterwards. So that leaves me with mostly Mac stuff.)

This how-to documents what i have done, including all faults, repetitions, and miracles — you’ll find out later.

By default, NTFS partitions are readable in Mac OS X; but not writable. I have a bootcamp partition and i can see it via Finder. I also have an external drive, where i sync important files from my desktop PC. Before, it was ok to just have it in read-only since the same files are also sync’ed in the MBP. The mobile drive’s main purpose is really when i’m working at home on my PC (or other remote places, w/c is very rare).

Lately though, i’m running out of space on the MBP. The solution is either to delete *unimportant but fun/entertaining* stuff OR unload *important but boring* stuff and locate it somewhere. Anyway, these *important stuff are not for use in the mac. I’m just so OC to want to have a copy of everything.  (Good reasoning, eh?!)

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