Core9, Mac and More

Core9, Mac and More

Hello.. nothing much to blog about.. except for some challenging config stuff over the weekend.

Problem #1: Core 9’s messy network management

Got Fedora Core 9 working on my desktop PC replacing the old OpenSuse. The entire installation setup is smooth as usual. Network settings nicely set up during install. When it finished however, it’s like i never configured the network yet. So after setting up again, ifconfig, network restart… oops, still the same. Tried adding a new wired network on the Network Management interface, but it results in errors. After reboot, it now sees two ip addresses, one static and another is dhcp although i only have one interface.

Solution: Turn off the Network Manager. Just use the old school network service.

sudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager stop
sudo /sbin/chkconfig NetworkManager off
sudo /sbin/chkconfig network on

Then start the old network service, which is now disabled by default

sudo /etc/init.d/network start

And if the network settings all messed up by now, you can reconfigure the device using the ff. command:

sudo system-config-network

Sulfur’s net management sucks! At least for me, it’s totally useless.

Problem#2 Xserve’s Server Manager Crashes

I’m getting an error on starting/stopping the dns service using server admin. The service itself runs just fine. But the server manager interface crashes. Here’s the error:

A service has encountered an error.
Try to refresh the view (x2-lan.local/DNS). Report the problem to the administrator if it persists.
(“servermgr_dns” server-side plugin may have unexpectedly quit)

Solution: Don’t use Server Admin’s DNS service. It’s for dummies. If it bothers you, just remove the application so other services can be used w/o the error popping out. Remove the file DNS.bundle from


Note: Got this excellent tip from the Apple Forum, thanks to whoever you are.

Problem#3 Installing Xcode from the Terminal/Console

Now this one’s more of my fault. Ok so now that i’m not tied with the Server Admin DNS package, i wanted to try installing an updated Bind version. (too lazy to update before since somehow the gui’s just appealing.) Xserves bundled package is 9.3.4-P1 but current versions are 9.4.2 or 9.5.0rc1
So there, so i can install the source, first i need Xcode.

hdiutil attach xcode25_8m2558_developerdvd.dmg

This is where it got me..

cd /Volumes/Xcode Tools/
sudo installer -verbose -pkg XcodeTools.mpkg -target /

Solution: The folder should be..

/Volumes/Xcode Tools/Packages

Otherwise it will return errors..

Just some stuff i learned today. Had to write here for future reference..

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