Month: December 2007

UP Lantern Parade 2007

UP Lantern Parade 2007

The Webcast: A Short Story
I should have one of the best views of this year’s UP Lantern Parade since as I’ve said in the last post, I am webcasting the event. However, people managed to take a post in front of the stage where we are stationed, and blocked almost 90% of our view. My only consolation is that we can kick people or ask them to sit down at least a few yards on both sides of the camera, which we have to do frequently. That explains my short live web appearance. I only noticed after two friends sent me sms telling I’m on cam.

I really pray that the webcast turned out good anyway. The emac’s a bit slow, the sound’s a bit patchy at the start, and the camera shot’s are a bit darker than usual, and we had a few hours notice. We can’t even find a longer DVI cable so we can hook up to the camera on the stand. Even worse, i failed to record the broadcast, my bad. Too many things have gone wrong. But we still delivered. I hope more people can watch the webcast in the coming years.

The Lanterns: Main Course
Now on to the happy part. I enjoyed this year’s parade immensely, perhaps due to two things, (1) i’m aware that it could be my last, (2) last year’s Lantern was cancelled. So this time it’s all worth it. Honestly, this is the very first lantern i finished (and i planned to do so even if i didn’t cover it), my 2nd to ever watch. The first was in 2004, where i also thought it would be my last. It was, but as an undergrad.

This year’s Lantern Parade is totally a blast. The lanterns presented are works of art. As a proud product of the College of Eng’g, i’m proud to say w/o bias (alright, maybe a little) that i loved their lantern. It’s a depiction of the well-known Sundial behind our office building (DILC). The Eng’g students/faculty support was at full force. Of course, Fine Arts as always delivered its best.

Here are some shots i took, as I was holding my camera phone on the left hand, steering the video cam on the right (for webcast), and the Canon Powershot hanging on my side.

Early on in the program, these are the lanterns of College of Law, Education, and NISMED.

My personal fave, the College of Engineering.

Other participants: Asian Center(?), Solair, and Tourism. I have no decent shots of other Colleges (assuming these are decent enough for public viewing).

The perennial winner (so disqualified na ngayon :D), and uncontestedly the best of the night, College of Fine Arts. Sobrang cute ni Oble!!! Hahaha!

The night ended with a fireworks display.

Finally, this one is a shot of a kid in a nice pink/fuschia straw hat. He was standing right in front of the camera, but he’s small so it’s alright.

Btw, we (Faith, Nina, Tin, and I) had a very cute shot taken by the cameraman standing right next to our videocam. I so badly want a copy, but i was too shy to ask.

No Streaming for Lantern Parade

No Streaming for Lantern Parade

Lantern Parade na mamayang gabi!

Someone from the Office of the President called me today and inquired of our webcast plans (if any) for today. Since i’ve got no equipment, aside from the QTSS itself, it got me reminded of my frustration over the matter.

Since taking charge of the streaming service of UPCC in March/April this year, it’s been my wish to webcast either one of two prestigious UP events, (1) the graduation rites or (2) the lantern parade. I’ve missed the first one, mainly because there was no request/coordination whatsoever for us to do the project. Neither with this lantern event, but should there have been, i still can’t do the webcast.

I wanted this to be shown through the web for the alumni/students/faculty who can’t be in UP today to personally watch it. The quality may not be that good (sorry we have limited bandwidth), but still that could be something to look forward to. It’s not just the normal lantern parade. It’s the Centennial Lantern Parade, the culmination of the events not just for this year’s month-long Christmas celebration leading to UP’s centennial celebration next year. The theme of the celebration is Sandaang Pasko, Nandito na Tayo, boosting the UP pride as we celebrate 100 years of academic excellence.

It’s not my fault per se, but the frustration’s still building up as i write this entry. I wish i had the Powerbook back. I’ve already let pass 4 webstreaming requests since the PB broke down in September. Well if it’s any consolation, we will be able to webcast some of the events during the centennial celebration, particulary the Centennial lectures (although most of the on-site work is another unit’s responsibility).

Well we’ll just have to do without the internet technology this time. The Parade starts at 2PM today. Please visit the Diliman campus if you wish to see the event.

It did happen after all! The webstreaming of the Lantern Parade (with a few hours notice) was good. I’m happy we managed to pull this off.
Some shots on the next post. 😉