Remote X Dilemmas

Remote X Dilemmas

I was pretty confident i can run all my simulations and layout in this machine.
I have no one to blame though. I simply run one of the programs (nclaunch) and jumped to the conclusion that it can.

So this morning when i ran the other tool, my world fell apart.
> seultra -m=1200 &

Got this error…
CADENCE Program Disaster:
Pseudo color graphics card not detected.
Session aborts.

A little consultation with Google Man carried me to a page with the explanation below.

Solution: You are using a Linux machine. These are not currently equipped graphically to handle Silicon Ensemble. Please use a sun or windows machine.


Apparently, Cadence tools are 8-bit based. A 24-bit color depth workstation cannot support pseudo color mapping to run these tools at the same time. Thus, i need a video card with a Linux driver to address the 8-bit overlay problem. At least that’s what this forum suggests. Tried with 256 colors for 8-bit display but to no success.

Now what other options do i have but to use two workstations, a Windows-based system for pnr and a Linux desktop for all others. There might be other ways though, but what choice does a poor cramming girl has?

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