Random Qs

Random Qs

Twice this week, i found myself outside the comforts of the campus. To the QC PhilPost on Tuesday and to Ayala this afternoon. It was a busy day for me. It’s not noteworthy of an entry though. I just had a few questions popping out everytime..

  • Why are some MRT cards blank (just black and white)?
  • What is the probability that I will get both black and white MRT cards for both trips?
  • Why do people line up the MRT counter everyday rather than get stored value tickets?
  • What is the maximum load of a single train? – Unlimited? People seem to fit themselves in.
  • How does that balloon inflater (@nbs makati) work?
  • How can you spend two hours in a mall? -Window shopping
  • How can you not buy that book you are so eager to … and it’s really cheap? – Got two more unread books

For last tuesday… (I had more, but i forgot most of it now)

  • Why does EMS and SAL differ in Customs taxes?
  • Who can bend the rules on Customs taxes?**
  • At what time is there no traffic in Quezon Ave?

** I got a similar package (i.e. same item but through SAL this time), and costed me nothing.

If you happen to know, please share your wisdom with me. 😀

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