Month: March 2007

Precondition Failed

Precondition Failed

I got this Error 412: Precondition Failed on Thursday as I was setting up Quicktime Broadcaster. Error 412 occurs when the data stream sent by the client included a ‘Precondition’ specification which the server detected was not met.

It was such an unusual error that it has never occured while the two QT masters before me were in charge of streaming. What could be wrong? I was just testing it a day before, the only difference is i performed software update on the client (the Powerbook) on Wednesday night. And now it ain’t working, as I was about to do on-site testing at CMC.

Anyway, many thanks to the two guys who helped me eliminate the possible causes one by one. We tried everything from changing the iSight and firewire cable on the client to trying out two other clients (another Powerbook and a G5), exchanging cables and cameras in the process. All setup have same iTunes version (updated on Wednesday night). If iTunes has anything to do with the problem, i doubt but I wouldn’t know for sure. In the end, we opted to update the server. An update was available perhaps the same time the client was updated. The update was too big that it consumed the entire afternoon.

Everything was back to normal the next day.

The 30-minute CMC’s UP TV Online Launch on Monday afternoon with the assistance of the UP Computer Center was a success. #:-s

Random Qs

Random Qs

Twice this week, i found myself outside the comforts of the campus. To the QC PhilPost on Tuesday and to Ayala this afternoon. It was a busy day for me. It’s not noteworthy of an entry though. I just had a few questions popping out everytime..

  • Why are some MRT cards blank (just black and white)?
  • What is the probability that I will get both black and white MRT cards for both trips?
  • Why do people line up the MRT counter everyday rather than get stored value tickets?
  • What is the maximum load of a single train? – Unlimited? People seem to fit themselves in.
  • How does that balloon inflater (@nbs makati) work?
  • How can you spend two hours in a mall? -Window shopping
  • How can you not buy that book you are so eager to … and it’s really cheap? – Got two more unread books

For last tuesday… (I had more, but i forgot most of it now)

  • Why does EMS and SAL differ in Customs taxes?
  • Who can bend the rules on Customs taxes?**
  • At what time is there no traffic in Quezon Ave?

** I got a similar package (i.e. same item but through SAL this time), and costed me nothing.

If you happen to know, please share your wisdom with me. 😀

Orange Eclipse

Orange Eclipse

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It was raining last night. Very unfortunate. I could have seen this, the first total lunar eclipse in almost three years. It’s not much of a scientific event but should be seen by almost everyone. But more than that, “It’s like having the red planet on your doorstep…” How was it exciting for me? Well, it’s like having an orange moon to me! (Rash actually pointed it out!)

Cool! Rash just loved it.