Time to use Google Calendar!

Time to use Google Calendar!

My mistake, I should’ve realized long ago.

I’m trying my best to reorganize myself lately due to unattended work and scheduled tasks that’s been piling up. So i started to again use my hibernating calendar application, monocalendar. But guess what, instead of being the knight in shining armor for a damsel in distress, this calendar app ruined my day! Huhuhu!

I was too tired to use other calendar before, knowing that my previous app holds too much information by now. At that time, Google Calendar’s just beginning to gain popularity. It looks good anyway for a copycat iCal. 😀 But i shouldn’t have trusted beta releases. 🙁 Now all my schedules (not too much though, as i’ve never used it much in a while, but still…) GONE! It crashed, as i was trying to make an entry, and erased everything.. the calendars are there, but the skeds aren’t there anymore. I mean all of it. Huhuhu again!

That’s the sign i’ve been waiting for. Now it’time to use Google Calendar!

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