How to Tie Your Shoes

How to Tie Your Shoes

I have this one-year old sneakers i got for holidays in 2005. Up until now, i get a hard time tying its shoelaces. On a normal walk from our street to work, i would always expect it to annoy me. It never fails.

Well there’s this one solution to that, a technique I was taught three years ago (but for some reason i don’t use). It’s called an Ian Knot. It’s fast and secure, depends on how well you do it. It’s pretty easy to learn, and with practice, you might get it just right (not too tight not to loose).

I took time to search youtube for a nice vid to show… got one though it’s quite fast, a show off rather than a tutorial.

If you want to learn how to do it, click on this link. There are more types of knots you can find useful on the site. This shoelace is testing my patience, so I just might try the secure knot. Let’s see how well it does with my stubborn shoelace.


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