Wireless Default Passwords

Wireless Default Passwords

Setting up a wireless access point or router is but a simple thing to do. No need for a CD setup that comes with the device upon purchase. What’s essential are two things: (1) the default IP address, and (2) default username and password. That’s more like three, but whatever, it’s plain and easy. But if you are to setup a dozen or so different brands with different firmwares, that’s where the headache begins.

So to help with this problem, i plan to post or keep a file of the default passwords for the devices i normally use wherever i can. Such as the following:

Brand Default IP Default Username Password
Apple Airport* (blank) public
Linksys WRT54G** (blank) admin
Linksys WAP54G (blank) admin
Netgear WG602v3 admin password
D-link DCS2100+*** (blank) admin

*For the airport, it is best to use the Airport Admin Utility for the setup.
**Almost all Linksys Routers (WRT54G/GC/GL/GR/GS) have the same defaults..
***Wireless Camera

However, if you opt for open source firmwares such as DD-WRT and OpenWRT against Linksys firmwares, expect changes in the defaults above.

DD-WRT (device default) root admin
OpenWRT (device default) (none) (none)

Now that’s better. I hope this will be helpful for others too.

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