My (New) Toy :)

My (New) Toy :)

This post was about to be up a month ago. Back then i still have a new toy fresh out of the box. I checked this post today just to hit the “Delete this Post” button. But i changed my mind! It’s the Holiday Season anyway. Haha! 😉 It’s no longer new now. In lack of a better title, i however kept the word new, just added parenthesis to note the difference.

My baby next to irrashai is this 80GB 5th generation iPod (aka video). Emperor is now officially one month old. I got it on a Friday, November 17. I woke up that day w/out even thinking i’ll purchase one that same day. It’s definitely unplanned but it’s worth it anyway.

my iPod baby

Look, it’s sooo handsome! Something’s missing though. It would really be nice if it can stand in its own dock. In the spirit of Christmas, i wish someone would be generous enough to give me this.

Meantime, I need to get back to work. Gotta fill it up with more songs/movies/series/rashpics before i hibernate this Christmas break. I need more songs coz right now, i’m still 60GB away. I really thought i got too much songs already. But no! My entire collection, including crap ones that i’ll never even dare to upload, won’t be enough. #2 in the wishlist would of course be more albums! Now that’s already a cheap option. 😉 My plan to have tv series is also gone as I have very few left to watch.



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