Open Source Firmwares

Open Source Firmwares

This is an update to my post Upgrade on October 16. This is for those who still use WAP54G. Bet there’s not too many of you…

As i said in the previous post, i need to have another firmware installed in a Linksys WAP54G v2 to accomplish the following (since i attached a Hyperlink 15dBi omni-directional antenna):

(1) adjust the transmit power

(2) select TX and RX antenna

Upgrading to the latest version offered by Linksys (v3.04) won’t suffice. Thus, i should turn my head to firmwares offered by the community. Here are some:

HyperWAP is intended as a power boost firmware. When installed in a system with default Linksys firmware, the difference is negligible unless you open the Advanced Wireless tab. It has the ff. added features: ajustable transmit power, antenna select, 13 wireless channels, and a ‘Boot Wait’ flash protection. HyperWAP v1.0 is based on Linksys Firmware 2.07 and is compatible only with WAP54G v1, v1.1, and v2. (note: Do not install on a V3.)

Upgrading from 2.07 should be piece of cake. However, if running on Firmware 2.08, there may be little trouble (but not reason enough to panic!). Don’t worry if this message comes out:

“You cannot downgrade the firmware.”

I’ve had this message too since the device i’m using right now is 2.08. One forum suggested to just wait for newer release for HyperWAP since current release is based on 2.07. You will die waiting, as no new release have been available since 2004, probably because WAPs are already defaced with WRTs. A HyperWAP forum suggests going to


For example, it can be Then, disable “Downgrade Header.” Go back to the firmware upgrade window (the link can be found at the Help tab) and proceed with the upgrade.

For reference, follow these steps:

1. Download HyperWAP v1.0 here then decompress.

2. Open a browser. Open the link and disable Downgrade Header. Go back to main page.

3. Go to Help. A link showing Firmware Upgrade will open a new window. Browse for the HyperWAP_v.1.0.trx. Click ok. This will flash the new firmware onto your device.

4 . Remember to follow the warning: Do not turn off the device. Just sit down and wait for the upgrade to finish or you may suffer from bricking your device.

5. Refresh your connection. If successful, you should see

Firmware Version: 2.07 – HyperWAP v1.0

MustDie firmware 2.07.1 is based on Linksys 2.07. It can be downloaded here. Again, this was released in 2004. It offers the same features as HyperWAP. There was another Sveasoft Freya, but i think it’s no longer available for download.

A quick note: When updating firmware, ALWAYs reset the device to factory default setting and use a wired connection.

More on WRT firmwares on the next post.

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