IE7 Released

IE7 Released

Internet Explorer 7 has now been released by Microsoft. Users with licensed Windows copies can now download from Microsoft download site. Or wait 2-3 weeks and it will be available as an automatic update. IE7 boasts of the following features: new “streamlined” interface, tabbed browsing, RSS feeds, print options, instant search box (and a choice of search provider), and improved security with “report phishing” add-on.

I’d say i’ve seen pretty much of these in Firefox. Specially with it’s very large community, Firefox has almost any extension you can think of. Well maybe not everything, but it’s quite a large (and growing) collection of extensions. IE7’s look is okay though, and i like it. In fact, i have it installed in my system since the beta and RC releases alongside Firefox (my default browser).

Read more of the news here.

  • rom

    That is good news… new IE with a new vulnerability. 😛

  • one bug coming right up! click here;

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