Firefox 2.0 Released

Firefox 2.0 Released

Goodness! Now this is the better news.

I’ve been checking on it days before, even hoping it would go head to head with IE7’s release. My wish wasn’t granted. However, nearly a week after, here it is.

Firefox 2.0 has now been released by Mozilla.

Downloads are now available from the mirror sites for Linux, Mac, and Windows. You won’t see announcements on the main page as there is no official release yet. But news says we can expect it anytime today.

We are also hours away from the newest serving of one of the hottest Linux distribution.. Fedora Core 6 arrives on 2006-10-24, 14:00 GMT

Now there! Two of the most loved open source software are/will be available for public usage. Cheers to the community!

  • rom

    Firefox 2 has not yet been officially released as of this time. I think it is premature for people to get it before the official announcement. I know, I’m guilty as well. 😛

  • UPDATE: An anti-release. They are asking not to provide links to the mirror sites until the “official” release.. Read more…

  • rom

    Released na po! 😀

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