Software Freedom Day

If you happen to be a bum this Saturday and want to try something worthwhile, come and join the celebration of Software Freedom Day along with the rest of the world. The better part is it’s right here in the campus. You may look at the ff. itinerary to learn of the activities and talks for the whole day. Everyone’s invited.

Linux Wireless Networking

For a start, I know this is a bit late. But soon, I might be posting a sort of tutorial about setting up your linux PCs to recognize wireless cards… and hopefully get you to connect to Dilnet Wifi. But for the meantime, here are some links to help us out.

Ndiswrapper Homepage

Wireless networking with ndiswrapper (Jes Hall)

Fedora Core 5 and the IPW2200 Wireless Driver

IPW2200 Homepage

And a few forum replies for FC5 users at:

If you can’t install the ndiswrapper source file, an rpm file for Fedora Core 5 can be found at livna repo site. Finally, chances are you might also need device drivers for your network card.