Tours and Talks

Tours and Talks

The last two days were like Public Speaking 101 review for me. (Although it sounded like i did, no i did not take any Public Speaking titled subject. The closest perhaps could be Comm3 which is on Speech). This opening statement got me reminded of my elementary days. Oratorical contests, narration, declamation, those kinds of crap i used to love. **grin** But that’s a whole lotta different story. So goin’ back…

Early yesterday, i was already at a nursing school along Quezon Ave. to deliver my talk. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a big event as you might think. It was actually just a class presentation where i was invited – or more likely volunteered by my boss – to give a brief backgrounder on Wireless Networking to a group of about 30+ nursing students and their teacher.

Two students went to our director in search for a good class topic on technology and science (more like STS i guess). They went to the National Computer Center first, and sought for people who knew anything about Wireless/Wifi. Surprisingly no one did. (I’m really surprised!) they were recommended to try their luck at our office.

I wasted about 30-40 minutes of the students’ time during my Impress Presentation. It’s not bad. Turned out interactive coz although i see that they knew very little about wifi, and even networking (and even computers in general), they were all ears to the talk. They actually throw lots of questions. Probably because of the term Internet, which they can easily associate to things like friendster, yahoo, and google. Anyway, these are nursing students i had in the room so i don’t really expect tech junkies for my audience (and that’s a good thing for me too!). At the very least, it was a practice i can use for any presentations i will have to make pretty soon, and i’m speaking of weeks here.. not on Wifi though (read: project proposal).

Again, this morning, i organized and led a class of LIS students (this time from our own University) for a tour around our vicinity. Of special interest are the network equipment, servers, structure along with services running atop the Diliman Network infrastracture. They should have an idea now on how difficult it is to manage the entire network backbone of Diliman with only 8 technical engineers. And they should appreciate the bandwidth they are getting, although a lot of their favorite sites have been banned. (nyahaha!)

Now goin to the writer side of me, i likewise got a badge for myself today. Received a mail from our class handler evaluating the paper i wrote for our midterm which surprisingly turned out really well according to her. Woohoo! Now who says engineers are bad writers/speakers?

Anyway, i think i had enough of this day. Got to switch to student mode for my problem set due 7am on the morrow.

  • You are a very good writer. 🙂

    Oonga, ang dami na daw naka-ban ng websites. tsk3. 😛

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