Month: March 2006

Post from Davao

Post from Davao

Perhaps this is my only chance to post while i am here.. So what do i have to say? hmmm…

This trip has gained me two records under my belt. One, this is the first time i traveled this far. My first time in Mindanao actually. Been to Visayas years ago (in Tacloban), but Mindanao, nah. The thought of going to this place gives me creeps (before). Secondly, this is the first time i traveled this far ALONE. Imagine that! The only place i can travel back and forth at ease is from home to school (P’que to QC).

So far, the people have been very nice and friendly to me.. from the taxi driver, to the saleslady back at the drugstore (where i asked for change for a 500 bill), to the staff here at DSWD (Sir Danny, Ma’am Carol, and Raffy from CO).
Now if you ask me if i’m still afraid. In this trip, not anymore. But in future trips where i will face the same situation… i think i still would. Haha!

See ya when i get back. Wonder when? I tell you that’s tonight. I have a round trip to-from Davao in a day. 🙂