I’ve installed OpenSuse 10.0 weeks ago. The interface is just so awesome. The icons are adoring. However, i got this little prob with my player. Kaffeine (the default video player) doesn’t play avi files (or i just can’t figure out how). I’ve looked into the site, and it says i had to download the latest xine-lib and win32 codecs from Mplayer. I did – even DLd all there is – but still ain’t working.

Next option was VideoLAN client. Been so used to it whether i’m in Windoze or Linux, making it the best alternative. Lucky for me, there’s none (official i mean) for my distro. Downloaded an unofficial rpm file and it was to no success that a ton of dependencies have to be installed first. That would have been easy i thought, if i had the DVD installer with me now, which i don’t. Very lucky gal, ain’t i?

An idea came to me to install yum, again out of convenience working with it :), instead of using yast2. Uhm, i don’t know how to do it, even with help from Mr. Google. That’s when i said that’s enough for a day. I had to stop figuring this out or i’ll wear myself out. Ahaha! Too much thinking ain’t that good after all. To think i had a lot more to worry of, our combinational logic due for fabrication in a month being on top of the list.

I guess I just don’t have no grip on the workaround with Suse just yet. Been in FC4 all this time when i switched to it for a change.

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